What is a Cable Contractor?

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A cable contractor is a business person or company who are skilled in the design, installation and maintenance of cabling or wiring systems. The contractor may perform this specialized construction work with electrical, IT network or security/surveillance system specialists.

A contractor will vary from an individual tradesman who performs a specific job of cabling or wiring. For example, an electrician will perform a job of wiring electrical cable, whereas electrical contractors employ electricians to complete projects. Both are similar in their roles, however, the electrical contractor is able to dispatch a number of tradesmen for large and small projects with various skill levels and certifications.

For electrical wiring, we at Cable Contractors Corporation employ apprentice, journeyman, estimator and project managers. All of our electricians have an Electrical Safety Authority (ECRA/ESA) licence number. We are fully insured to do any residential or commercial project.  We encourage our customers to know what is required to commence and complete any electrical contract by referencing: the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario.

For the installation of IT networks, the cable contractor will hire or install network wiring. Cable Contractors Corporation is certified in network cabling. Our extensive expertise and experience have come from hiring out our professionals installers to cable, server rooms, patch panels, voice and data networks.

The right contractor therefore is one who is fully trained and licensed or certified in all areas of service being contracted for.  You should never trust an individual or company who cannot produce the documentation to prove that they are competent and they have met industry standards to do the job you are hiring them for.

Cable Contractors Corporation have offered our cable and wiring services to many different establishments, including but not limited to:

  • Businesses, eg. retail stores
  • Educational institutions
  • Health care facilities
  • Hotel and hospitality facilities
  • Commercial properties
  • Residential Properties

We’ve worked hand in hand with business owners, architects, interior designers, IT managers, construction contractors, management companies and property owners to provide the best solutions possible. Contact us today to have us assess and maximize your next project to its full potential.