Network Cables in Patch Panels

Cable Contractors Corporation are Toronto network cable installers of wiring for IT networks which require category 5e/category 6, fibre optic, voice and data cabling. We also can assess and consult on your current Information Technology network cabling infrastructure. We provide cabling surveys and audits, server room clean ups and network cabling overhauls or augmentations.

Cabling Audits, Surveys and Server Room Cleanup

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Is your network running slow? Are your cables untidy and out of place. We can perform detailed network cabling audits to determine if you IT network is performing to capacity. Our surveys and audits assess if the cabling used in your network is correct and functioning as it should. Our consultants can audit the cabling of your entire office, residence, room or building to determine cabling faults in your network. We can consult and suggest a redesign of the structured cabling infrastructure in your network and implement the required changes. We offer the following;

  1. For existing IT networks we audit your network to assess if the cabling is functioning and performing optimally.
  2. For new IT Network installations, we survey and suggest the cabling required for future network capacity use.
  3. We clean up and lable up your Server Room cables to ensure that your IT Network has decreased bottlenecks.

Our Structured Cabling surveys and audit services typically take between a few hours to a whole day, after which we produce a report suggesting recommendations and improvements.

Structured Cabling

Toronto network cable installers

We install cabling for the Information Technology infrastructure of your office, store and other commercial businesses. We also install small networks for residences.

Cable Contractors Corporation takes the perspective that your Information Technology Network is the backbone of vital communications for persons in your organization and members of your residence. A slow network via incorrect cabling means a slow down in productivity, leisure and other critical uses of your communications network.

Today’s technology has advanced and devices like phones and tablets are readily used to connect to the internet, more persons use these options rather than the standard desktop or laptop. One connection per person via a standard desktop or laptop is no longer the norm. Multiple devices per person with constant download and upload capability must be accommodated by today’s modern networks. We recognize that incorrect cabling to your servers, access points, routers and range extenders can cause bottlenecks and a slow down in network traffic and decreased bandwidth. We offer the following structured cabling services to make sure your cabling is done right and functioning properly;

  1. We install Category 5e/Category 6 to all required equipment.
  2. We install Fiber Optic Cable to all required equipment.
  3. We install Voice and Data cabling to all required equipment.

Contact Us today to either assess your current network cabling or to advise or install all your structured cabling.